1. Are watches from UHR available from specialized dealers?

Watches from UHR are exclusively available only in our online shop. As a result, we do not have to calculate any surcharges for the wholesale and retail and no high distribution costs in the sales price. Thus watches from UHR have a very good price-performance ratio.

2. Can I call watches from UHR?

You can personally call us at 07131/27 90 42 7 between 9 to 12am and between 1 – 5pm and obtain additional information on the watches. We are available for you at any time by email at info@uhr.info.

3. Can I personally collect watches from UHR?

Of course, you are welcome to collect your watch personally by appointment during our business hours.

4. Can I also order my watch without using the online shop?

Of course, you can order your watch also by fax (07131/27 90 42 9), letter or by telephone. Our staff will gladly support you with your order.

5. How long will the delivery take?

The watch will be sent to you the same day after receipt of your payment by 3pm. As a rule the watch should arrive within 48 hours for deliveries within Germany. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We can trace any delivery and determine the exact whereabouts.

6. Can I return an ordered watch

All our deliveries in Germany are subject to the Distance Selling Act. For that reason and because we are absolutely convinced about the quality of our watches you can return any watch within two weeks. After return and examination of the watch, you will immediately receive your money by transfer to the account given by you.

7. What about service for watches from UHR?

The service staff and watchmaker represent the qualified watch-service for watches from UHR. And that not just during the warranty time. For every watch model, UHR has a sufficient amount of spare parts to service and repair your watch properly, even after many years.

8. Where do the components for watches from UHR come from?

Almost all components used in watches from UHR originate from well- known and renowned European part manufacturers. More than 85 percent of the value-added from UHR watches is from Europe and here, in particular, from Switzerland and Germany.

9. Who manufactures the UHR watches?

Like many renowned watch manufacturers, watches von Uhr uses so-called Temineure. They could be both single watchmakers and also watch manufacturers, mostly based in Switzerland, who assemble watches for several watch brands. As a rule, the necessary components are ordered and delivered by the watch brand.

10. Is the warranty really valid for 2 years?

We are sure: Watches from UHR meets the highest quality demands. Already during the development as well as the manufacturing and assembly we place great value on high quality. Extensive test- and verification procedures ensure our high standards. That is why we can give a full 2 year warranty on all our watches. And that’s a promise.