Watches from UHR are mechanically reliable and above all not expensive. The people from Baden-Württemberg are still today considered as being especially thrifty because Southern Germany was once very rural and poor. Today Baden-Württemberg is the most successful region in Germany and thrives on the creativeness, innovation and inventiveness of its citizens. Famous designers and inventors such as Gottlieb Daimler, Robert Bosch, Ferdinand Porsche and Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin lived and worked here and helped transform the region into one of the most innovative locations in the World.

No wonder that the idea to directly sell high quality mechanical watches and abandon any kind of „traders“ was born here. Through the successful combination of thriftiness and innovation the watches from UHR can be offered at a price/performance ratio, unknown as yet, to the watch industry. At watches from UHR, we make everything a tick differently because we tick differently in Baden-Württemberg. We do without model names as well as unnecessary paper and leaflets or extravagant high quality packaging. On the one hand it protects the environment and on the other hand it reduces the prices of our watches.
By the way, you will find everything you need to know about our watches on this homepage. No more and no less. We find it exciting.

Watches from UHR. Low in price, high in quality!