Sooner or later every mechanical watch hast o be serviced, because a mechanical watch is a complicated high performance piece of machinery. Depending on the activity of the watch wearer, a wristwatch is exposed daily to approx. 5,000 to well over 40,000 shocks at the most varying temperatures. Extreme conditions, or not?

Therefore, Watches from UHR should be serviced for the first time after 6 years, the so-called revision. During a revision the clockwork is disassembled, chemically cleaned and after assembly, lubricated again. Damaged or wear parts will of course be replaced by our watchmaker. Finally, all seals are replaced and the watch is pressure tested. After passing the final inspection, your watch will be returned to you with a two-year functional warranty.

Hence, today we are already thinking about your children and grandchildren. For all watches from UHR we keep sufficient spare parts for at least the next 20 years. In fact, much too short considering our quality, however far more than 99 percent of other watchmaker‘s warranties.

Watches from UHR. Not just for a single generation!